Fashion layouts

Today we’ll look over the fashion layouts of 2007-2008. And just for start a brief review of fashion trends:

  • very popular is hand made clothes
  • the combination of East and West in fashion
  • Africa’s installations
  • so called naval glamour
  • ribbons and bows as a decoration
Certainly, it’s not a full list, but we’ll try our best to describe it all and to add something else.


Fashion Design Course said...

Fashion Designing is an art whereby which you create new clothes that people would wear and look even more beautiful. The fashion industry over the years has made tremendous improvements in the way we look. Thus, with this industry millions of dollars is involved.

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Shane Castane said...

Anything from high heeled boots to, thigh high boots, or even knee high boots will work well depending on your taste. Simple stilettos or strappy sandals will also do well to frame an outfit.