Loved dogs from KUTYUR

Imitates, cold fingers even gloves. And what of our animals is totally naked? Wool, of course, wonderful, but there is a breed of dogs that are constantly feel cold, even in summer. Clothing with their own characteristics, trends and even with its fashions.
Fashion designer dog clothing Maria Baranova claims that overseas all comes almost to the point of absurdity, points dog fashion show, Dog salons and even dog perfumes.But do not think for clothing for favorite dog tackle any "human" designer. Too different technology work. This illustrates the remarkable is that Tatyana Parfyonova, one of the most distinguished Russian fashion, books clothing for their dogs on the side.The differences are manifested in the construction of costumes, patterns, the major joints.Sewing for dogs is much more difficult than for people. The biggest problem in the work-fitting. Even from the professionals it takes many efforts.
Naturally, the clothes are different depending on the season. In the summer of preferred thin breathable fabrics-cotton, silk. Winter clothing made of warmer fabrics and furs.
Changed and fashion-popular summer vets, light clothes, raincoats, winter-heavy, but warm coats, suits and even outright coats. It differs, of course, price. The little summer dress for large dogs cost of a couple of hundreds dollars, winter hounds tooth, of course, will cost an order of magnitude more expensive.
Why must this be done? Naturally, that the focus of the interests of the owners, not dogs. Many people want animals to play the same style as the mistress. It will take a dog with the working wardrobe, sports, festive costumes.
Imagine the reaction of your friends for dog in a costume perfectly with yours. It is not a new handbag or interesting furniture. By the way, Dog costumes are different-even in the form of bags. In a handbag you can take dog in the theater or banquet & will not give up your pussy with it and take part in the secular enforced.
Yoram will be an integral part of the style, divorced style housewife. This is especially important considering the fact that many animals are often very similar to their patrons. Well-chosen costume emphasize individuality as a play, and caregivers.
With time to think about fashion trends.The dog has its own particular fashion, but rather to explore their problematic..Where is easier to rely on taste dressmaking-Man, that does not fail.
Fashion for dog clothes somewhat echoes human.This winter is very popular fur : mink, layer, valuable, fashionable coats. And highlight their help can crocheted details, like scarves and bonnets and accessories, also finished fur.
Hit-season natural pages, which will protect against any cold weather. This winter everything has to be only natural.
Spring trends are being questioned - Dog designers come to a common denominator. Someone said the rule "Military" style, and someone like wind 70th.
There was only one-binding caps performed in the same style with other clothing. Some dogs do not perceive at this event attachment to the beautiful darling not released Hood.
But this is a standard and routine. The trivial suits on order, which did not give room for creativity, with the exception of high fashion. Want products designer-find money.
Unusual orders with fashion is more than normal. For small dogs combi-bags are ordered. That dog suit can drive to move across the street or take a traveling.
In summer you can buy boards from the sun for dogs, to protect their eyes. This is are not a luxury but a necessity, especially during travelling to the south.
Fans of recreation can be offered offered special casual suits that will not hamper movement of your favorites. Orded special dog-small shoes shoes checked on rubber soles. They made cloth and recorded supporter. It is warm & safe for foot.

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